New Petzl Head Torches

We’ve been a bit slow on this, but Petzl have updated some of their headtorches this season, here’s a quick roundup of what’s new…

Petzl Myo


The Petzl Myo is a powerful single LED head torch that is ideal for endurance activity such as distance running or adventure racing. A light diffuser allows the beam to flood the ground in a wider path, this is really good when moving fast. However the diffuser can be opened to make the beam a lot more focused, better for looking into the distance. The Myo is a programmable torch using the power button to cycle through 3 power levels and a flashing mode. However the Myo actually has 10 power levels and 3 flashing modes and you choose which modes the power button will cycle through during use. That sounds a bit of a gimmick but the main advantage is that the lamp can be programmed to come on in whichever power level you use most and then offer you any other 2 levels.


Petzl Tikka XP


The Petzl Tikka XP is a great multi function head torch designed to be your go-to torch for almost any of your outdoor activities. It features 8 different lighting modes with a maximum constant output of 120 lumens, a single push button for operation, a mixed fabric and elastic headband for comfort and a red LED.


Petzl Zipka


The Petzl Zipka is a superb multi use torch that has a retractable ‘cord’ strap that allows for greater flexibility, allowing you to attach it to handlebars, tent poles or even tree branches. It has a light output of 100 lumens at maximum power and can be switched to a lower power mode to save batteries.


Petzl Tikkina


A simple and effective head torch with two different light modes: Ambient mode which gives a wide beam with reduced brightness for use in group situations and power saving, and proximity lighting mode which gives a strong wide beam for excellent close-range vision. It features a single push button for all operations, an elastic washable headband and an easy to use battery case.

The Petzl Tikkina is the base model in the Petzl Classic range and offers a good proximity light for those who want a small torch for general usage when out and about. It has a single high output LED capable of a maximum 80 lumens making the Tikkina ideal around the campsite, mountain hut or kept in the car.


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