New Ice Axes

We’ve not really said much about it, but there’s a lot of new stuff in our ice axe range this winter. So, now that it’s about to get a bit colder in the UK and the snow is coming in the Alps here’s a run down of what’s new.

Black Diamond Viper

The Black Diamond Viper has been redesigned, it’s now lighter, has a T rated pick and shaft as well as an adjustable FlickLock pommel.

The Black Diamond Viper is a versatile technical ice axe designed to be able to handle any of the demands of winter climbing you can throw at it. It features a hydroformed shaft which extends right through the grip giving excellent feel and maximum strength. The adjustable pommel has Black Diamond’s easy to use and secure FlickLock adjustment so you can set a secondary grip position when on easier angled terrain.


The DMM Fly is an incredibly popular ice tool and is part of the new DMM winter range at Facewest. †It’s an ideal axe for Scottish winter.

The DMM Fly Axe has become the go to tool for winter mountaineers requiring a superb all round winter ice tool with either an adze or hammer. Designed for technical mountaineering where steep pitches need to be overcome this is the ideal choice for tough terrain that may include water ice and mixed ground. Both the pick and the shaft are T rated (technical) ensuring the ultimate in strength.

Petzl Summit

The Petzl Summit is another redesign (it was actually redesigned back in Spring, but who wants to know about ice axes then?) It’s now a lot lighter having lost the outer rubber grip the old one had. †It’s also got a new shape and is an ideal axe for mountaineering at a much better weight.† It’s also available as the Summit Evo which is a a†more technical version for tougher terrain.

DMM Cirque

The Petzl Summit is lightweight yet offers good anchoring performance. It has a straight lower shaft for plunging and curved upper shaft for use on steep ice. The pick is a thin 3mm with toothed tip for good security in hard snow and ice and it thickens in the middle for better performance in soft snow. The highly durable steel adze gives comfortable support and is tilted to direct the axe into the snow and has edges designed for efficient carving. The spike is made of stainless steel for durability and good penetration in hard snow.

The DMM Cirque is another one in our new DMM winter range. †It’s a popular mountaineering axe, although it does come with a T rated pick and shaft for the best in strength.The handle has a silicon cover to ensure a solid grip is maintained and also includes double rivets where it is joined to the main shaft increasing strength. The shaft has a slight curve but can be easily plunged into soft snow. With holes large enough at either end for carabiners you have a choice how leashes may be fitted, they also enable the Cirque to be used when constructing a belay.

Petzl Glacier

The Petzl Glacier is a great walking/touring axe which has†replaced the popular Snow Walker axe. †It’s also available in a lighter ski touring/racing specific version called the Glacier Literide, which effectively replaces the Snow Racer.

It has a high quality steel pick which is identical to the picks found on the more technical axes giving it excellent anchoring. The lightweight anodized aluminium shaft has a cut handle for a better grip when used for technical ice climbing. Although this is primarily a walking axe it is still up to the job when the terrain gets technical.

Grivel Helix

The Grivel Helix is a new addition this year. It’s a quality walking axe with the useful addition of a palm protector fitted to the pick – great if you’re tired of wearing your gloves through because you spend so much time carrying your axe.

The Grivel Helix has been designed specifically for Scottish winter mountaineering and walking. You have a choice of lengths depending on your height and it comes with a classic straight shaft. The pick is fitted with a removable PU palm protector providing a good and comfortable grip and in addition reduces wear to gloves. Fitted with a long leash for security that includes a spike protector. A great axe for British winter walking in the mountains.

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