Arcteryx Lithic Glove

Arcteryx-AW15-Lithic-Glove-F1 (1)

There was some debate a couple of seasons ago about whether a £180 glove was really a £125 glove with a silly price tag and perhaps there is no one answer to that question but you only had to have tried the Alpha SV glove on to appreciate that it was designed and made very differently to other gloves you had tried. In my opinion the best test of glove fit is ‘resistance to closure’ or what’s the glove like when you make a fist. The Alpha SV closed more like a liner glove than a full winter alpine glove.

Fast forward a couple of seasons and we have the New Lithic Glove.  The same great fit and dexterity of the Alpha SV but updated with a couple more seasons of glove know how. Arcteryx are proud of this glove. There is a an Arcteryx Blog Post about the Lithic Glove, and the video below. Coming soon we also have a review of the Lithic Glove by BMG Guide Andy Perkins. If you are considering a new premium ski glove for this winter then the Lithic should be on your shortlist.

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