Pro Review – Petzl Meteor 4


Kenny Grant, Aspirant British Mountain Guide, reviews the Petzl Meteor 4 Climbing Helmet.

Between guiding and my own personal climbing I wear a helmet many days of the year and as well as safety, place a high value on a helmetís comfort and weight.

The Meteor 4 scores very well in both of these categories for me. Having a fairly large head circumference I struggled with previous versions of the Meteor, finding it tricky to fit a hat underneath for cold climbing. However the shape of the 4 seems to have been tweaked and I find the size 2 is now perfect with or without a hat. The redesign also makes the helmet feel sleeker and lower profile and the new larger vent keep me cooler on boiling hot Alpine days.

As with any foam helmet it is not going to be as strong or durable as a hard shell polycarbonate (be careful when packing the Meteor in your rucksack) but for me it is worth the compromise for the high levels of comfort and very light weight(220g) giving the feeling you arenít wearing a helmet.

Iíve certainly found that Iíve been inclined to wear my Meteor 4 more than any previous helmets Iíve used…

Kenny (far right) wearing his Meteor 4 in blue

Petzl Meteor 4 Features:

  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Soft headband
  • Magnetic buckle
  • Comfortable, breathable foam lining
  • Chinstrap buckle and headband height are adjustable
  • Headband folds into the shell
  • Headlamp can be attached
  • Compatible with the VIZION eye shield

Weight: 220g

Size 1: 48-56cm head circumference
Size 2: 53-61cm head circumference

Available in Turquoise, Raspberry, Blue, Coral


Full Petzl Meteor 4 description here.

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