Facewest’s ‘How To’ – Mountain Marathon


Stu at the LAMM 2015

A mountain marathon is a 2 day test of mountain craft and fitness. Most people run them but there are walking classes in some events and plenty of walking done by the runners. You will be out, unassisted, for 2 days and be required to eat, sleep and take care of yourself whilst navigating a course in a mountainous environment, whilst carrying all your gear. If you are thinking of doing your first mountain marathon or aiming to improve, these guides may be helpful. A mountain marathon can be thought of as a cross between an orienteering race and a long distance fell race.

Ever wanted to give it a go?


Our Mountain Marathon expert, Stu, has written a couple of guides to provide you with a little bit more information and some great tips and advice on Mountain Marathoning.

Mountain Marathon Guide. Part 1 – Prepare
Mountain Marathon Guide. Part 2 – Tactics


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