New Aquapac Range

Protect your equipment wherever you are, whatever the conditions.

100% waterproof bags and cases for cameras and phones, and the toughest dry bags around.

Aquapac Trailproof Duffle

An extremely tough yet simple waterproof bag – perfect for travel or expeditions where your possessions might get wet. Made from 500 denier vinyl it it will stand up to a tough time when travelling without being punctured or torn.

A roll top with a Velcro seal makes these packs easy to seal for complete waterproofing of the contents and the 4 compression straps make sure that it all stays together on the inside of the bag with no spills. The integrated carry handles are long enough to sling it on your shoulder whilst the bright colour makes it easy to spot and helps to keep the contents a bit cooler if it’s left in the sun.

Aquapac Camera Case

A protective, fully waterproof case which allows for good quality photos to be taken through the case so you don’t have to remove the camera and risk it getting wet. It is completely waterproofed to an IPX 8 rating which means that it can be fully immersed for at least 30 minutes to a depth of 10 metres – perfect if you want to take pictures when snorkeling or in the pool.

The supple TPU case allows for easy operation of the camera through the case and the front and back LenzFlex windows give a clear window to take and view photos through. The Aquaclip closure is easy to use – just twist the two levers to open and close the case. It even comes with 3 desiccant sachets to absorb condensation in humid climates.

Size Dimensions Ideal for… Case Weight
Small cameras with no zoom lens. 35g
Compact cameras with an optical zoom. 49g
Odd shaped compact system cameras.
Cameras with a larger optical zoom lens.
Hard Lens
Most small digital compacts with an optical zoom. 63g

Aquapac Whanganui Case
Designed to protect valuable electronic goods from being damaged or broken by excessive rain and water. The really nice thing is touch screen devices can still be used via the TPU window and conversations can still be heard on your phone. The Whanganui comes in five sizes so you can protect anything from your iPod through to your handheld games console and on to your tablet.

Aquapac Trailproof Drybags
Simply put – a super tough drybag. Made from 500 denier vinyl it’s not likely to rip or get punctured and with the simple 3 roll top closure it’s not likely to leak either. What else do you need from a drybag?

Take a look at the full Aquapac range here

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