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Suunto Ambit 3 Peak

Updates for Ambit 3 software, Smart Sensor HR and iOS Movescount App.
I haven’t connected my Ambit 3 to my PC for a while but did so today. A mandatory update followed and I noticed that the iOS app also updated last week.
The summary of the updates is more language support, better battery life, Bluetooth HR for the app plus some bug fixes.
Battery life has been increased from 16 – 50 hours (depending on GPS accuracy) to 20 – 200 hours. I’m not sure if that’s due to better software or just the actual results for battery life being better than expected and originally stated. Either way it’s welcome news.

Previously I found the sync between the Ambit 3 and the app to be a bit buggy and prone to hanging but today it worked first time with no glitches. Hopefully the app will not crash as much now.
The App will now link with Bluetooth Heart Rate devices. Suunto always said it did (or would) but I have never got it to work before now (although I haven’t tried for quite some time). Once I paired my Suunto Smart Sensor with the app I was told that there was a software update for the HR belt as well, so I updated that too. You should be able to pair any BT heart belt with the app as it’s the same protocol. I also paired my Suunto Smart Sensor belt with a TomTom Runner GPS watch today with no issues at all which suggests it would work the other way around.

There is also the expected release of the Android App.
This was posted by Bertrice fron Suunto 4 days ago

“the Android App will be released in Open Beta and we are hoping to get it out next week.
This is because to launch the first version of the Android App we need to update the whole ecosystem (including software of Ambit3 watches and the latest iPhone version of the app) and we’re currently waiting for the App store approval to move forward with this process.”

A quick look on play shows no results for movescount so far…

So if you are an Ambit 3 owner or use the app for fitness tracking then go ahead and update your devices. Android users continue to not hold your breath.

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