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Ric is a North Wales based Guide who has a small guiding company called RPM Guiding. Ric teaches rock climbing and mountaineering in summer, and works as a backcountry ski and splitboard guide in winter.

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“Rab have done a great job of making a base layer that is warm and comfortable and has the best properties of a wool garment, yet it is also quick drying.
In my job as an Alpine guide itís quite common to wear the same base layer for a few days – this can be a problem! The old fashioned polyester-type base layers would really pong after just a day, so they were always a bit anti-social for extended tours, but then along came the merino wool garments which seemed to sort the problem. However, one disadvantage has always been the slow drying nature of wool and inability to really wick away moisture from the skin quickly enough. After a sweaty ascent the last thing you need is a wet base layer for the remaining part of the day. The MeCo Tee ‘does exactly what it says on the tin’ and combines the best qualities of merino with wick-ability, giving an all round comfortable base that dries quickly and doesn’t smell. I have used mine for all mountain activities from gentle hill walking to alpine mountaineering and ski touring and no complaints from my clients yet!”

Rab MeCo 120 Tee Features

  • Lightweight MeCo fabric
  • Flat lock low bulk seams
  • Reflective branding
  • Slim fit

Colour: Redwood or Mineral
Weight: 130g

Full Rab MeCo 120 Tee description here.

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