Facewest’s Facebook Hits 2014

If you’re on Facebook then you’ll probably have seen these posts that people have been generating with the help of Facebook itself – a kind-of ‘review’ of your year, if you understand what I’m on about!?

So I thought I’d go back over our Facebook timeline and pick out some of our favourites of 2014…

Number 1 is this unbelievable video from Danny McAskill:

Next up, this brilliant sketch from Monty Python:

This recent and remarkably realistic viral video ‘How to be a Skier’:

Taking us all back to our Duke of Edinburgh experiences:

31 Terrible Problems Only People Who Did DofE Will Understand

Absolute insanity:

Heart is pumping a little faster after watching this…

Finally, the most shocking and possibly most devastating news of the year:

Say goodbye to chocolate coins. (Sorry to rub salt into the wound)

Let us know your favourite viral video or amusing article of 2014 – we want to hear them!

It’s not just about Facebook, we’re on Twitter too.

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