Competition – Pick your winner


Entries to the competition have now closed, and we have compiled the shortlist of our 5 favourite tips:


  • Malt loaf users – Take one malt loaf, drop it on the floor, stamp on it. There, it fits in your pocket!
  • 2)

  • Ski touring – Don’t be tempted to over-pack. Moving keeps you warm. When you stop you have a decent down jacket or a sleeping bag. The rest of your clothing is layers (and you don’t need that much!), and if you feel your pack is now too light – add food, or enjoy a light pack!
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  • Multi-day trips – get a friend to text you the weather forecast to save your phone battery
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  • Treats – Take a treat with you, something you like e.g. coffee percolator or a hot chocolate, perhaps some whiskey! Tell yourself that if you make it past the hard part you can have some. It makes the bigger climbs less tiring and does wonders for morale.
  • 5)

  • Quickdraws – The answer to ‘stow on the go’. Attach quickdraws to your pack to allow for quick and easy access of items.
  • E.g.Stow-on-the-go

    Now we want you to choose your favourite. We have posted the shortlist on our Facebook page – all you have to do is comment with the number of your chosen tip in order to register a vote, and you can vote for as many as you want!

    Each tip will also be posted on our Twitter. Here you can retweet or favourite the best tip, or tweet us with the number. Remember to use #facewestcomp in your reply.

    The winner will be announced on Monday 20th October 2014. Get voting!

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