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As winter draws ever nearer, so does the snowsports season – and that gets you thinking about new gear for any upcoming trips. Snowsports equipment is constantly advancing; in order to reduce weight, increase durability, provide better warmth, and perhaps most importantly, keep us protected. Helmets, whether you like them or not, have become an essential skiing and boarding item, particularly for any off-piste action. But do all of them really provide the actual level of protection required?

Our new range of Sweet protection helmets includes a couple of products that really stand out, due to the MIPS technology featured within. Both the Trooper MIPS and Igniter MIPS incorporate this new and innovative measure of protection. So, what exactly is MIPS?

Multi-directional Impact Protection System is a very effective technology that greatly reduces brain injury by imitating the way the brain protects itself. The brain uses a layer of fluid that keeps the brain separate from the skull. This fluid moves during an impact and therefore absorbs some, but not always all, of the energy of the impact. MIPS does not use fluid, instead the internal shell of the helmet will move independently of the outer shell during an impact. This movement, though very slight, absorbs rotational energy and will greatly reduce trauma to the brain.

Recently the Swedish insurance company, Folksam, commissioned a test to compare some of the latest helmets on the market to see if they really did provide the necessary protection. Of the 13 that were tested only 3 received a good rating, and the overall winner was Sweet Protection’s Igniter MIPS.

See the full test results

Igniter MIPS
Igniter MIPS

The Sweet Igniter MIPS shares the same great features as the Sweet Igniter helmet, but with the important addition of MIPS technology. It is an incredibly light helmet designed for all-round use – whether you’re in the backcountry, shredding lift-served piste or in the park. Fantastic ventilation makes the helmet comfortable all day long, stopping you overheating even in spring conditions.

Igniter MIPS construction

Trooper MIPS
Trooper MIPS

Again built with MIPS technology, the Sweet Trooper MIPS is a super robust and very strong snow sport helmet that provides a high level of protection and only at 650g. The shell has been built using Sweet’s Thermoplastic Laminated Carbon Fibre that is not only very strong but is also light providing excellent protection for the skier or boarder.

Trooper MIPS construction

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