Win a Rab Strata Flex Jacket!

Win a Strata Flex Jacket

Competition time!

We’re giving away a Rab Strata Flex Jacket with an RRP of 120 as a prize!

Tell us or even better show us your tip. It can be from racing, climbing, skiing or just a little something that makes any trip run more smoothly. Enormous life shifting idea or little knack, we want to hear it.

All you have to do is share these with us on our Facebook or Twitter pages:


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  • Explain your tip in a few words, preferably with an attached photo/video to best demonstrate your idea
  • Make sure that you tag us @Facewest and use the hashtag #facewestcomp – this way we’re sure to see your entries!

The best, most creative, and unique ideas will be put to a vote, and the overall winner will receive a Rab Strata Flex Jacket in a size of their choice. So, what are you waiting for?! Get sharing…



The closing date for entries is Thursday 16th October 2014 and a winner will be announced on Monday 20th October 2014.

18 thoughts on “Win a Rab Strata Flex Jacket!

  1. I always take my old mobile phone with me as a spare just in case something happens to my current phone.

  2. When reading a map at night with a flashlight, always keep one eye closed. This way it stays accommodated to the dark environment.

  3. @facewestcomp
    Don’t underestimate the power of liner socks. They make a huge difference to all day comfort and help keep your outer thick socks cleaner. They are nice to wear on camp too.

  4. @facewestcomp
    Jacobs cream crackers make good trail food they are lightweight carb bombs and keep hunger at bay. Easy to pack easy to handle no mess no fuss minimum packaging. Just have a drink handy

  5. @facewestcomp
    Take a treat with you something you like eg. Coffee percolator or a hot choc or a whiskey maybe and tell yourself if you make it past the hard part you can have some! Makes the bigger climes less tiring and does wonders for moral!,

  6. @facewestcomp
    Take a sit mat. They are very light and cheap and can lash to the outer of your pack. Makes stops more enjoyable in cold wet conditions and is kinder to your bum. Can also stand on it while taking boots off etc.
    Also can windbreak your stove on windy day

  7. @facewestcomp
    A tip for organisation!
    Use different size/colour dry bags to zone off different items in your pack. They are easy to grab, easy to see and keep everything dry. I use one for food one for clothes one for sleeping bag etc. they are east to keep tidy in your tent too and an be clipped to the tent in hi wind

  8. @facewestcomp
    A tip for saving money!
    Buy gear from facewest and earn loyalty points. Loyalty points = free stuff

  9. @facewestcomp
    A tip for hydration.
    Before you leave the car or base camp drink a litre of water in as short a time as is comfortable. The sudden intake will bypass the stomach and be absorbed faster so you start on top hydration. You have to carry less and will pee out what’s not wanted 😉.

  10. @facewestcomp
    A tip for a fresh bottle.
    On the fly or at home I use a toothbrush and toothpaste to freshen up my drinks bottle and bladder. You can get right inside and its easy to rinse and of course its safe

  11. @facewestcomp
    A tip for hill camping!
    If you can’t find a level spot to pitch your tent or bivi and don’t want to end up in a pile at one end by the morning. I use a square of car dash board anti slip mat. You can get it from anywhere and is light and cheap. I use a 30cm square between my mat and the tent floor and the same between my mat and sleeping bag. This is enough to keep me from sliding around all night. The mat is thin and rolls unnoticed inside the mat roll. 👍

  12. When skiing ensure that you fall and dislocate your collarbone in an accessible place so friendly rescue staff can escort you from the mountain without putting themselves in danger. Also ensure you enter a competition to replace the clothing that was surgically removed. Lastly thank the wonderful Schwarzer hospital staff with chocolates on your next visit this New Year.

  13. Besides periodically re-waterproofing your rucksack, invest in a waterproof liner for the main compartment, and smaller liners for any pockets and valuable items. Having dry spare gear and keeping it dry is important, and not doing so can spoil a whole trip.

  14. Take a spare pair of socks on mountain walks & long hikes.
    They’ll come in handy if you get your feet wet, and can double up as gloves in an emergency. You can also use them to keep spare batteries, camera, phone, GPS, car key fob warm to prevent power drainage.

  15. To keep your boots tight , always bring laces above hooks , first . Then down round hook and across to opposite side. This creates more friction and stops your laces gradually loosening and foot moving to develop blisters .

  16. If attempting fiddly jobs in cold conditions always keep one glove on. Easier to warm both hands up afterwards.

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