Wee beastie

Been to Scotland a couple of times in the last month and ticks have been discussed both times. I am not going into the details of Lymes Disease, plenty of good info out there, but you should be aware of it and take precautions. At the LAMM this year they were offering a tick collection and testing service both as a service to competitors and a data collection exercise. Outside of this it’s a good idea to test your own removed ticks for peace of mind.

Care Plus Tick Out

The Care Plus Tick Out is a pair of spring loaded tweezers with a small dish in the tweezer blades to reduce the chances of breaking the tick as you remove it. I was dubious how different they could be to normal tweezers but as we sell so many I decided to give a pair a go. As far as first aid goes it’s the best 3 I ever spent. The image above is a tick a removed from the dog and is the most undamaged tick I have ever removed.

Care Plus Tick tester

For peace of mind you can then test your tick with the Care Plus Tick Test.

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