Need Power?

In today’s power-hungry world there’s a demand for electric wherever you go. You might just be off for a day’s skiing or hiking and want to charge up the GoPro or smart phone part way through the day, or be on a longer expedition needing multiple charges. Whatever you need, you can stay powered up with Brunton products.

Brunton Hydrogen Reactor

New to our range is the Brunton Hydrogen Reactor. This nifty device runs off the refillable Hydrocore fuel cells that store solid state hydrogen that the Reactor then converts to power. This is much more reliable than solar power (especially in Britain’s climate!) and is clean and sustainable as the hydrogen is generated from water. Each cell contains enough for 3 smartphone charges (or 4500 mAh) and they’re easily refillable by returning to ourselves or any other refill centre in the UK. Well worth a look if you’re planning a multiday trip away from powerpoints.

Brunton Heavy Metal 5500 & Torpedo 2800

For shorter trips a rechargeable battery will be big enough to do the job. We have several available: the Heavy Metal 5500 (5500mAh), the Metal 4400 (4400mAh) and the Torpedo 2800 (you guessed it – 2800mAh!). To use any of these, simply charge up from a mains power point or USB point, then use that power to charge your devices via USB or micro USB whenever you like. The Torpedo can also be charged from a 12V car socket – really useful for road trips and car-based weekends away.

See the whole Brunton range here.

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