We have a whole host of new travel / first aid / suncare products from Care Plus. Both very mild and natural products for the young and sensitive amongst us and also the chemically advanced stuff that you don’t want to use but anything else is hell. Just don’t spray DEET on your watch unless you like the Dali Melting Clocks effect!

One product that I was straight into was the Blister Plasters. In this market Compeed has become an actual term as well as a brand and, as we all know, they are ace. Well the Care Plus Blister Plasters are pretty much an exact copy (right down to the box). After some extensive testing I can say that they stick just as well, turn to gel over the mushy bits in the same manner, in fact you would be hard pushed to tell them apart in my opinion. And boy did I need them…

Top tip for getting stuff to stick to your feet, both plasters and tape is to clean and dry the surrounding area and then paint it with Friar’s Balsam (also known as Compound Tincture of Benzion ). Let this dry and it turns to a tacky coating on your skin and tape will stick way better and for longer. Friar’s Balsam is also a light antiseptic which can be used directly on minor cuts but it stings like nothing you have ever experienced. I put it on the above Blister and suffered 20 seconds of total agony as nerves swrivelled and died. Here is a totally unreliable and non medical page from wikipedia on Friars Balsam

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