New Pieps DSP Pro Transceiver

Pieps DSP Pro

The NEW Pieps DSP Pro is now in stock and we have made the usual demo search video.

The DSP Pro is a 3 antenna transceiver with digital masking similar to the Mannut Barryvox Pulse, S1+ and the original Pieps DSP. In fact the software and case might be different but the features are just about identical to the original Pieps DSP. As well as the multiple burial masking the DSP Pro also has a scan function, frequency measurement and inclinometer.

In use the DSP behaved very much like the Pulse and original DSP. Pieps claim a slightly longer range than other transceiver manufacturers but I didn’t really see that in my tests although it used to be the case with the DSP. The search was pretty sure footed, the distance indicator jumped around a little but not enough to disrupt the search and there was a little conflicting information when the 2 transmitters interfered with each other or the searcher was exactly equal between the two. All digital transceivers will behave the same in this situation and the solution is for the searcher to move in any direction and then one signal will become stronger than the other.

Overall the Pieps DSP Pro worked well for an experienced searcher, I particularly liked the loud volume of the beeps, the loudest of all the transceivers, which I thought would be good on a windy mountain. The performance was not good enough to change our recommendation for the experienced searcher from the Barryvox Pulse to the DSP Pro but there is not much between the 2 two transceivers in terms of features or performance. The Pulse does cost a little more but I like the way as an experienced searcher you can turn different features on or off to set the unit up just the way it works best for you, and even use it in analogue mode even necessary.

There were a couple of little quirks with the DSP Pro which didn’t effect the search performance but were quite interesting, these are covered in the video below.

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