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We have updated the Leatherman Tool Guide to reflect the new models available.

Leatherman make over 30 multi tools. Tools that can be used for just about anything to those with very specific purposes, but which one if right for you?
The majority of Leatherman Multi Tools are designed to be useful all day, every day for your average person. If that sounds like you then the best way to choose a tool is on size and features. More on the more specialist tools below.


The smaller tools are designed to be kept in your pocket, either on your keyring or loose. The mid size tools, which often have carabiner clips on them, are for your pocket or to attach to belt loops or pack straps. The larger tools have belt pouches.

The most popular keyring tools are the Squirt PS and Style. Both are available in several colours. The Style has a classic small penknife body and includes scissors. The Squirt PS has the Leatherman ‘butterfly’ style body that produces the pliers when opened, and also has scissors. The Squirt PS4 has more tools than the style but is also more expensive.

Squirt PS4

Of the mid size tools, the Skeletool and Skeletool CX are the most popular and almost full size tools.

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