Steripen, welcome back.

After a couple of years absence, it’s good to welcome Steripen back onto the website. Steripen is a UV water purification system. Principally designed to ensure that clear water does not contain bugs that will make you sick, although a pre filter option is available. A purifier (or sterilizer) is different from a filter. A sterilizer  stops the bugs in the water from reproducing by sterilizing them with UV light. Sickness is generally caused when the bugs in the water reproduce at a tremendous rate in the ideal conditions offered by your stomach. The bugs are not removed from the water by a sterilizer.

A filter removes any particle (down to a certain size depending on the filter used) from the water. This particle can be a bug or organic particle like silt. Everything caught by the filter is physically removed from the water. A filter is a better option if you will not always have access to clear water but can be more work if you are always filtering clear water.

Treatment times are broadly similar for a good filter and Steripen although a pump filter is physically more work, which becomes relevant if you have to filter 10 litres a day, which is pretty normal for 2 people physically active in a hot climate. To make the best choice for you, it’s important to consider the condition of the water which you will be wanting to drink.

We have 3 models of Steripen.

Steripen Classic with pre filter. A good choice for long and remote trips because the classic uses 4 x AA batteries for long life and easy replacement. The included pre filter allows you to pre filter wate with silt into a Nalgene bottle.
Adventurer Opti. Very compact and light purifier with back up LED light. Uses 2 x CR123 batteries so great for western travel.
Ultra. The smallest and lightest in the range. USB rechargeable unit with simple graphical display. Only 140g. Ideal for those travelling with other rechargeable hardware.

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