New La Sportiva Shoes

Two new off road running shoes for this summer. The first is the next generation of the hugely popular Crosslite, called the C-Lite 2. Lighter than the original but broadly similar, which is a good thing.

La Sportiva C-Lite 2

Next is the Anakonda. The Anakonda uses the Frixtion XF rubber which is stickier than the AT rubber used on the C-Lite 2 but ultimately less durable, marking this shoe as more fell and wilderness than trail. The 4mm toe heel differential also puts it into the natural running / minimalist camp and at 286g per shoe (not sure for which size) it’s also pretty lightweight. I haven’t run in them yet but would say that the Anakonda looks to be a pretty good UK fell shoe. I will report back when I have tested a pair.

La Sportiva Anakonda

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