Magnetrons Now In Stock

The Black Diamond Magnetron is the latest innovation from the company and has been hotly anticipated through the summer. We now have both the Magnetron carabiners in stock and ready to ship!

RockLock Magnetron

Black Diamond have rethought the locking mechanisms for carabiners, using magnets instead of the more traditional screw gate or twist lock system. The magnetron carabiners are simple to use – to open the gate simply depress the two buttons on either side of it. This opens the magnets and allows the gate to open. To close just let the gate snap back into place and it will automatically lock.

Does it work? In short, yes. We’ve had a play with them in the office and they are simple to use. The RockLock is really easy to open with one hand. Because of it’s shape, the GridLock is a little harder to use single handed, though still possible – however because of it’s pure function as a belay biner you’re much less likely to be using it with one hand than the RockLock (which, in addition to belaying, is a great biner for rigging anchors etc). It’s really nice to have a biner that will automatically lock on closing, meaning no more forgetting to do up a screw gate on a crucial part of your system.

GridLock Magnetron

As mentioned above, the Magnetron technology is available on two different carabiners – the RockLock and GridLock. The RockLock is Black Diamond’s tried and tested HMS style biner that’s great for general use as both a belay/abseil biner and for rigging anchors – it’s large shape can accomodate several clove hitches. The GridLock is a belay specific carabiner, where the gate system prevents it from rotating during use and cross loading.

If you’re into your gadgets or needing a new carabiner then the Magnetrons are definitely worth your money. We’re excited to try them out in real life if it ever stops raining… and, of course, will review them here when we do!

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