Suunto Ambit Software Update

Just before I left on holiday I updated my Suunto Ambit to the latest software, which I have now found time to test.

1. UK Grid references.
As I said on the blog before, UK grids have been added and worked fine. My ambit even selected them automatically. When I landed in Argentina my ambit automatically switched back to UTM co-ordinates. So that all seems to be working flawlessly.
2. The route following indications in navigation mode were improved. These seem fine to me. At the top of the screen an arrow graphic shows you if you are on course or need to bear off. The arrow grows longer the more off course you are. When following the watch directions I liked to have the number of degrees off course in the bottom row of the display which adds more detail to the arrow. Like any GPS the number of degrees off course needs to be cross referenced with the distance to the next waypoint but distance to waypoint is also available. One thing lacking is a Track back function. The Ambit has a find home function but this navigates you directly to the first waypoint in your log file. Of more use would be track back which REVERSES your route back to the start. Although I would prefer track back the find home function did help when when I took a wrong turn out running in Buneos Aries. I was only 2 blocks from my b&b but lost, the ambit got me there. The approaching destination alarm is also a nice touch.
3. New Stopwatch
The new stopwatch is great. No log file, gps or pod options just a good old basic timer. Ideal for doing things like regular run routes where you are not interested in extra data. The stopwatch screen can be turned on or off in settings on the watch. Turning the stopwatch screen off means one less screen to scroll through if you aren’t going to use it for a while, like on a climbing trip.

I have really got to grips with my ambit whilst on holiday and am really pleased with it. It does need charging every couple of weeks if you are navigating or measuring runs with the gps but as long as you have the cable that’s pretty easy. I do seem to press the middle button with the back of my hand quite often, so I have to scroll back to the time but it’s not really an issue. Overall I am pleased with the Ambit and it makes a great place to hold butterflies.

Suunto Ambit

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