Mountain Biking / Skiing chalet in Beaufort.

A quick plug for my Chalet.

beaufort chalet

If you are looking for a chalet to rent either summer or winter then please take a look at my chalet in the Beaufort area of the French Alps. It sleeps up to 12 and is available from 500 per week per group.

The Beaufortain area is great for biking and skiing.

Areches Beaufort is well known as a great ski touring destination. The ski hill is a 10 minute drive away.

Recently the area has also become popular with mountain biking, with Trail Addiction now using the area as their “Destination X”. The area has some great natural singletrack as well as a good uplift shuttle system.

The area also has world class paragliding, road biking and hiking. It’s a nice quiet part of the Alps.

Check out our Beaufort Chalet.


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