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We have a great range of Marmot products for Winter 12/13, and we would like to give some away! All you need to do is pick an item from the Marmot Winter 12 range that Facewest sells and try and convince us in 750 characters or less (that’s 5 and a bit tweets), with the option of ONE photo, why we should give it to you.

We are hoping to be either amused or inspired, or a little of both. We are not above a little inuendo in the office but please no profanity. You can either post your entry as a comment here, on our facebook or email it to All entries will be posted on facebook or our blog. Entires close end of November. Entries will be judged by Marmot UK. At least one person will win their item but maybe more…

To get things started I have had a little go myself…

I need a Quasar Down Jacket. It is the lightest and most amazing down layering piece I have ever seen. It uses 900 fill power down which is just incredible. Using this jacket will save me 132g over my second choice jacket. Now that doesn’t seem much but consider what I can now carry on my next trip with that same 132g

i) 2 Mars Bars
ii) Rear bicycle cassette
iii) Another half a Quasar Jacket
iv) A half decent torch
v) £4629 worth of 24 Karat gold
vi) Squash racquet
vii) 4 ounces of whatever you like
viii) And if you believe Google when you enter “Weight 132 grams” as a search term for images; a polar bear!

However I’m not going to carry any of those things on my next trip because the whole point of getting lighter kit is not to carry some other crap instead. Pass me my new jacket!

29 thoughts on “Give me that Marmot…

  1. So i’m in Norway on an international exchange doing friluftsliv, outdoor life in English. Whilst i’m here i want to go into the Arctic circle, it’s going to be cold. This is why i would like to get to Ama Dablam 800 fill down jacket. I have a Rab down jacket but for the conditions i will be in this will not suffice. I would also like this as it is lighter and packs down better than the Shadow jacket, and has more warmth than the Quasar. Please give me this jacket, in small, otherwise when i get to the Arctic circle i will freeze!

  2. This year Iím on an international exchange to Norway from my university course in outdoor education in Wales we have been on a whole range of adventures including hiking, sailing, rock climbing, canoeing, fishing, skiing, ice climbing and highlining this has given us a great taste of Norwegian life. During our sailing trip we were in a freak storm and I ended up over board (see pic) So I can be fully prepared for the next time I encounter these conditions can I please have a medium marmot alpinist jacket.

  3. I’m feeling lucky about winning a Marmot men’s Shadow Jacket in size Large. I’ve got the same ‘lucky’ feeling that I’ve had many times in the past – just before memorable things happened to me.
    Like the time I broke my leg 3 days before a trial with a big football club.
    And the time I woke up at Phantom Ranch in the Grand Canyon having spurned a tent and slept on a picnic table – a large crowd was around me taking photo’s….. of a giant poisonous Gila Monster sat inches from my head.
    Or the time we had a raffle before leaving a northern Scottish bothy, with the ‘winner’ having to carry the Elson “large bucket” chemical toilet to a suitable place to tip out and bury 3 days waste of 8 people – Yep I won that raffle.
    I have many examples but 750 characters must be your lucky number.
    So I’m getting a real lucky feeling about that Marmot Shadow Jacket!!

  4. Unforgettable my last climb in Nepal last year, the Island Peak, I would like to come back and climb a higher pic, like those of my back!!


    I need a Marmot Womens Quasar Jacket (small size please)to not freeze to death!!!

  5. Please can I have an Ama Dablam jacket in size XL. I was going to buy one for a trip to Mont Blanc next year, but blew the budget last weekend on an engagement ring. The trip will now be my honeymoon too. It would make a lovely wedding presentÖ. .hint hintÖÖ

  6. Hello,

    I am Marmot and. I write with a complaint.

    A stinking rat has told me you have my jacket and I want it back. Yes, itís my Marmot Up Track Jacket. Itís a great choice of lightweight soft shell for all rodents actively working hard in cooler conditions, and let me tell you I work hard in cool conditions.

    Winter approaches rapidly and my hibernation plans are nearly complete but how am I supposed to sleep in this cold without my jacket? Where do you propose I store my nuts for the winter, the large interior mesh pockets in my Up Track are the perfect place. Even chafing after 6 months in bed is not so bad.

    Iím currently scurrying up the Carpatians and the sweat is freezing on my fur. I look like a pair of chidrenís mittens, after a snowball fight, with eyes.
    My pal (snow fox) offered me a stinking pelt to sleep in. (That remains me where is Betty?). However I tell him I really need the highly breathable Up Track, sheesh, otherwise I suffocate myself. Plenty fibre in the diet.

    I am, how do you say, chubby. I need the angel-wing movement of my coat to keep these bingo wings in check. I could lose an eye in my sleep otherwise. The lined chin guard also fits most of my chins. How would you like winter without your fancy green/yellow gore-tex?

    My head in this picture, small, yes? My Up Track in medium is the perfect fit for my small helmet. Almost see everything in the picture!

    The dark granite matches my fur, slightly brown stained after a hard summer.

    Iím travelling at the moment so please send my jacket to my good friend Paul Bathgate.

    Your Friend. Marmot.

    (Too Far?)

  7. Hi there!
    Iím an unprofessional store robber and Iím turning to you because my one and only job, at the local knitwear store, didnít go too well and I need professional help. I was kneed in my private parts by the elderly woman storekeeper and she ripped my balaclava of, so now everyone in my hometown knows what I did. Iím doing a runner for the mountains, but without my Marmot gear, which is back home, my prospects in the mountains arenít looking to good. Maybe you could have mercy upon me and provide me with a Long Hauler Duffle bag which I can use as tent/sleeping bag for the years to come, which I have to spend hiding in the mountains, and maybe a Superhero balaclava so no one can recognize me. I promise not to use it robbing anything/anyone, not even as much as a cookie jar. Now Iím facing west into the mountains.
    Thank you!

  8. La Rosiere a year ago, found a route back to chalet. Wife’s first year of skiing. Convinced her the route back was easy. She fell. Sympathy eluded me, humour totally evaded her. Made her ski back, thought she was faking. Assured me she heard no funny noises, snapping or ripping for example. However… ACL and Medial, both gone. Much anger followed, comedy was attempted. Comedy failed. Womenís spire jacket wonít get me sex, but it might get me a ski holiday. Priorities.

  9. I walk; I climb; I ride; I swing; I race; I play; I run; I win.

    But I can’t afford £380 for some Alpinist Bibs, so I’m stuck with bin bags under my Zion and it’s killing my chances with the ladies!


  10. Draft

    in Medium please.

  11. Sung to the tune of On Ilkley Moor baht at

    Where hast tha fingers bahn latelyÖ..bahn lately
    On Ilkley Moor baht gloves
    Where has tha fingers bin latelyÖ..bin lately
    Where has tha fingers bahn lately.. da da dah dah dah da da
    Them as freezing cold
    Them as got frost bite
    On Ilkley Moor baht gloves

    Itís impossible to cure my lack of song writing ability, but you could keep my hands warm with a pair of Ultimate Ski Gloves!

  12. I’d really like a Variant jacket size Large (Cinder).
    I need one for scrambling but it’s main use is for the extreme sport of working at home! You may think this is not a suitable use for such a technical garment… however, we live in Yorkshire so we’re VERY reluctant to put the central heating on most of the time. Do you work from home? Do you know how cold it is when you don’t move all day? It’s as cold as a windy Stanage belay in November! (I now know why old people wear 20 jumpers even in summer – they’re wise).
    The variant is the ideal jacket for this activity.
    – The front has Thermal R Eco Insulation to keep you warm but it’s not too bulky so that it prevents you reaching the keyboard in the way that a down coat can. I know I’ve done this.
    – The Polartec Power Stretch material on the back and sides adds breathability to the layer so that your back doesn’t overheat against the office chair and the sides let excess heat escape.
    – The stretchy nature of this fabric is great for reaching across the desk for that distant stapler or pencil.
    – The pockets are ideal for squirrelling away snacks so that I don’t have to walk from the office to the kitchen.
    – Finally the full length front zip will be great for venting when I cycle down to the bakers for my lunch.

    Okay, if you’ve got this far and still not agreed with me, is it okay to beg now?

  13. Just bought some ROMNEY mitts. Not such a good idea – they leave 47% of my fingers cold and warm just 1% of my digits. Also, the attention from RSPCA because of that incident with the dog on the car roof? Awkward. So, can I have Marmot Hut Tour Glove instead?

  14. A true tale of disappointment…

    ďAutumn 2011 Ė we aim to summit Mont Blanc.
    The day before, we check the weather forecast Ė not too cold, but windy.

    We take the Aiguille du Midi lift and bivvy down. I will never forget watching the darkness fall, and seeing the moonlight make the mountains glow.

    In the early hours, we have a final chat about kit. Two of the others choose light, fleece gloves to save weight. Iím a sailor not pro mountaineer, but I understand weather and wind chill. I canít persuade them.

    We make good progress, but the two get wet hands. The wind blew… 300m from the top we turn back. The guys are too cold…Ē

    A pair of Marmot Ultimate Ski Gloves means that Iíll never put myself or friends at risk through getting cold hands.

  15. I’d need a Marmot Womens Spire Jacket size M and it’s for my girlfriend. It rains pretty much where we live and we love going for a forest walks with her sisters dog in the weekends. The Spire jacket would keep her dry and warm all the way on the trails. She also bikes all year around after she had to sell her car, so the jacket would be very much appreciated.

  16. Ok guys, here’s my ‘watertight’ reason for you being really generous and providing me with a Marmot Zion jacket. Last season I bought the Marmot Zeus from your good selves. Now, whilst at Elgol in Skye, I was using the jacket for its intended purpose when, well how can I say this, I had cause to test the waterproof qualities of the polyester DWR outer! This was the result…..

    A touch damp...

    Well, I’m disappointed to tell you, it just isn’t waterproof! Nor did it do the iPhone in my pocket any good either….. So, you can see why I really need a Zion, as I really believe its truly the jacket for a landscape photographer who has a tendency to ‘get wet’! Thank you.

  17. Marmots Womens Quasar Jacket is the one I desire. Why I should be the one who deserves to get this amazing price from Facewest?
    Here’s the thing – on 2013 I’m planing to start my very first bicycle touring trip. And it’s not just a one weekend thing, I’m hoping to pedal the whole way around the world crossing 5 continents. I know it’s big and I am excited and scared at the same time.

    Anyways I saw this post on Facewest today and it couldn’t be a better timing for this. Right now I’m putting together necessary gear, clothes for my upcoming bicycle touring trip around the world and my biggest challenge is – traveling light (this can be a real issue for me as a woman). Winter clothes is one BIG (literally BIG) heavy and bulky problem in my panniers. But here it comes – Marmots Quasar winter Jacket!!!!
    – Ultralight!!! Just 221 g! Perfect!
    – Quasar packs down to almost nothing! Perfect!
    – Warm! Perfect!
    – Nice cobalt blue colour (surprise, surprise a woman still care about the colors even for travel clothing when nobody is going to look at here when she will be somewhere in Siberia cycling in the winter and in the middle of nowhere) Nice!

    Please, please, please – I really need this lovely Quasar Jacket!

  18. Ok….it’s the only opportunity I will get so I figure go for the jugular… For me its got to be the Shadow jacket size medium. Had my eye in one fir a bit and blatantly can’t afford it. Plus the wife says no…..damn it. Do I tell a joke or a witty limerick? Well, that’s just not me but I will say that the Marmot shadow jacket is so cool it would keep Jimmy Saville away. pleeeeease nice people at Facewest. Help me…………Look what you have made me become. I’m on my knees……lol 😘

  19. Being a swede on the west coast I have to cope with rain, rain rain and even more rain, each and every drop originating from the UK. I will not demand diamonds and pearls as compensation for all the foul weather – just a Marmot Spire Jacket in XL to keep me dry.

  20. I would love a Marmot Ether Dri Clime in yellow and I tell you why, I need it for my adventure sport which is none of those you climbing people get involved in – I do a lot of adventure riding horses and that jacket is perfect for so many aspects of being mad enough to ride out in the countryside through the winter on fast ex racehorses.

    It’s yellow – everyone will see me – drivers will slow down I hope, when I ride along the roads, safety gear’s essential and there’s so much bright stuff you can buy for your HORSE to wear (fluorescent rugs, leg bandages etc) but most of the bright gear for riders makes you look like a policewoman…
    You ever been fast on a horse on a freezing day? Wind chill factor is high – and you get warm because you don’t just sit there, you’re using your strength to control the horse, keep your balance and stay on top so you can build up a sweat just like the horse does – and going home you can chill yourself, so clothing that wicks moisture while keeping you warm is essential. Pocket for a mobile phone – if you fall off and can’t move you have to be able to call your other half or worse still, the air ambulance…
    The hood is fine enough for me to put my jockey crash skull on top – then my neck will be warm and my safety chin strap will fit fine. The cuffs are fine enough to have velcro-close gloves fastened around them and the whole result will be a light, warm flexible top garment that crosses the boundaries into equestrianism! I’ve ridden in a standard black HH fleece for 10 years and it’s time I had fab new gear! I am also a girl and aged well over 50 so back me up in my adventurous sport!
    Love from Julia and her three fast horses (I’ll send you a pic of me on one of the horses galloping across a field wearing it if you give me one-I don’t go for a lot of this ‘horsey’ gear – outdoor sports clothing is far better suited to the purpose and why don’t you feature horse riding in your catalogues?!

  21. I have been traveling for year and a half, mostly backpacking, and the idea of continuing by bike became the next natural step. I am going to pedal around the World.

    I will start traveling in England on winter, and continue direction India, China, Siberia… Crossing to Alaska and going to Tierra del Fuego by bike. Catching another boat to Africa would be the last part of the journey.

    It’s going to take years, it’s not going to be a race and I am not going to take shortcuts. I want to get to know the people and the countries that I visit.

    Due to the sporadic cold temperatures during my journey the Marmot Quasar Jacket would be a life guard! Be part of my adventure! Fight the cold with me!

  22. Hi,I’d really like a medium Marmot Variant jacket…I almost bought one a month ago, but my wife said I didn’t need it.Maybe the only way that I can persuade her is if I don’t pay for it!!!

  23. Hi guys! Well I feel that I deserve the marmot shadow jacket in a small, because in the winter months, every time I go to snowdon with my wife( who isn’t the keenest mountaineer!), she always pinches my marmot fleece jacket off me leaving me with just a waterproof jacket to keep me warm! She then has the cheek to moan how cold she still is! So, I figure, if you guys would let me have the marmot jacket, then she can keep my fleece and moan all she likes cuz I won’t be cold! Haha

  24. OK, so hereís the deal and Iíll ask politely Ė please can I have an XL Marmot Ama Dablam Jacket. Iím not asking for the Alpinist or the Zion, because Iím not greedy and you just know the guys asking for those will be selling theirs on Ebay next day. You donít want to refuse me, because then youíll be responsible for my death from hypothermia, and letís face it thatís not in either of our interests. My wife will then use the insurance money to hire a hit man to hunt you downÖ So get down, donít give me a downer, hit me with that ultra light Goosey down (you see what I did there).
    I can pack it and itíll save me a packet. I need the warmth and lightness – believe me donít need any excess weight cos I have plenty of that already. The adjustable fixed hood will ensure my massive cranium is properly covered. Stuff you if you wonít deliver and allow me to stuff it in its own pocket for storage Ė nice.
    Frankly, Iíll admit it, you could say no. But you know you want to say yes, not least out for fear of the repercussions. Iíll haunt you too, and Iíve a dead annoying whine.
    As a final plea, let me demonstrate how desperate I am to win Ė I would have spent the time to concoct the following 2 sentences otherwise. As a Scotsman from colder climes with a fear of snakes, you should by now have realise that an anagram of Marmot Ama Dablam Jacket, and therefore what it could save me from is (i) A Mamba Attack Major Meld, (ii) becoming A Mamba Mama Rattled Jock. I just hope that I am able to wash the jacket so it isnít permanently stained by A Lactated Mambo Jam Mark. Yeah I know, sad.
    Let me throw in a final joke, and donít be kidding yourself this flouts your profanity protocols Ė why was Lieutenant Uhuraís new shiny Marmot jacket brown and smelly? Cos William Shatner. Bet you wish I hadnít boldly gone thereÖ
    Thank you, and good night

  25. In July I set out to conquer 1100km of the GR36 across France with nought but a tent on my back and the shoes on my feet. Remember July? It rained. It rained some more, and every now and then, it rained again. I have never been so wet in my life. I walked most of it in flipflops cos my shoes were busy carrying my water supply. I slept in wet clothes under a wet sleeping bag in a wet tent. After 500k or so I admited defeat and headed to a hotel to shower, eat something hot and pick the ticks off my balls. It stopped raining. I swore a lot. I hate being defeated, so have sensibly decided to quit my job and do it again come hell or high water and cross the Pyrenees in the middle of winter! Please send me a Zion jacket so I stay dry this time!

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