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We have added some Raidlight packs to the site to complement the accessories that we have sold for some time. To be frank, I have been put off adding Raidlight for a while now because I just found the range confusing and found very little information to help me. I always knew that Raidlight was designed by some really ‘core’ French athletes and whilst never mass appeal products, some are just right for Facewest. In the end the only solution was to get some stuff in and get to grips with it myself.

I have to say that I am really glad I did because Raidlight packs are amazingly well featured for their weights.

Evolution 2

Only one pack, the Evolution 2 comes complete with a front pack but all Raidlight packs except the Olmos are compatible with them. The front packs will fit any sack with webbing sewn onto the shoulder straps because they come complete with speed attach buckles. As you see these buckles can be used anywhere you can get behind a webbing strap. Even if our favourite pack does not have the right straps it’s easy to bodge it up by making small holes in the strap and looping a cable tie through. Alternatively get some small pieces of webbing stitched on at a local canvas repairer or similar. After all it’s often not possible to buy exactly what you want, so just get the closest thing possible and get your own modifications done.


Speed Attach Buckle

The Raidlight packs have some great touches for endurance athletes. The Runner R Light for instance has 2 hip belt pockets and a bottle holder. The pocket next to the bottle holder is a small flat net pocket, great for gels or bar wrappers and rubbish, which you get a lot of in longer races. The larger zipped pocket on the other side has some elastic sewn inside to help you organise your food or suncream and lip balm. You probably won’t buy the bag for these features or even notice they are there but once you get using the pack you will really appreciate them.

Internal pocket elastics

Another great feature on all the packs is the neoprene slot for trekking poles. There are times in a race when you want your hands for something else but not to the extent that you wish to collapse your poles and stow them away. This sleeve allows you to quickly slip them in, pull some compression and forget about your poles. You can put them in and out without even stopping walking. This sleeve also doubles as the storage space for your emergency rocket. Now I have never done a race that requires an emergency rocket but now I know there are races out there that do, I want to do one!

Trekking Pole Storage

Raidlight kit is well designed, well made and great for endurance sports. See our full range of Radilight Products

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