Minimus Pant For Cycling

I can’t recommend the Montane Minimus Pant enough for cycling and running. The 2 lower leg adjusters mean you can get absolutely no flap at all on the lower leg. Whilst this is nice for running, it’s not essential and there are several nice waterproof pants out there with a tight leg cut (Marmot Essence Pant, inov8 Mistlite 130 Pant) where the Minimus Pants win hands down is on the bike. The leg adjustment mean there is no chance of catching the fabric on your drive chain and wrecking your best pants. The cut also seemed good for the bike positon with no creep down on the lower back. Racing cyclists do not wear waterproof trousers on the bike but commuters, adventure racers and long distance randoneurs know that sometimes you need that extra protection. Did I mention that the Minimus Pant now takes the mantle of lightest waterproof pant from the Mistlite by 5g even with the adjusters!

Montane Minimus Pant

I have been testing Montane gear for a few months now and they also provide gear for my adventure race team TotalXC so I am really getting to grips with the performance of the various garments and liking most of it so far. You will see plenty more reviews over the coming months. Facewest will be stocking Montane from end of March, although you can visit the pages now and pre order if you wish.

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