OMM 2011 – My Kit

Below is a geeky list of the kit and food (with weights) that I took for the OMM 2011. In general I am really happy with my kit and have spent a few events refining it.
There are also a few comments about changes. The weather for the OMM 2011 was rubbish but not baltic cold however I don’t think I would carry any more or less for an event in October whatever the forecast. The drop out rate especially in Elite and A was very high but I always felt I had enough….

Before we go into the kit, a few stats.

  • Weight of bag at start line – 4000g.
  • Weight of clothing and shoes worn at start line – 1000g
  • Calories carried – 5000 kcal
  • Water carried – None

I will list everything in my bag and worn with a few comments and then go into food,cooker & gas in a little more detail.

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