OMM 2011

Kevin and I both did the OMM this weekend. Kevin competed in Long Score with his wife Rachael and I was in A Class with my mate Nick. We both had a good time, conditions on saturday were cold, wet and tough underfoot whilst sunday was a bit more pleasant. The terrain was in the ‘proper mountain’ category and was being compared very favourably to Dartmoor last year….

We were both pleased with our results, Kevin and Rachael were 64th overall in Long Score but 9th in the vets handicap competition and 2nd mixed vet pair handicapped. Nick and I were 6th pair in the A class.

There were a couple of new bits of kit for me at the event which I will definitely use again. The Jetboil Sol Titanium was awesome, not only really light and fast but the way it locks together means you can use it in a a completely sealed little tent without (too much) fear of fire. About 15g heavier than a pocket rocket and Titanium kettle but so much better. My Montane Spektr Smock was also great. A full 3 layer eVent smock at only 210g. I had it on all day, both days, and thought it was much more breathable than XCR or Proshell. The final item cost 1.50 and was an impulse purchase at registration – The Ballon Pillow, brought to you by the makers of Balloon Bed. I know it looks a bit dodgy and possibly clinical but for 7g it massively improves your night in the tent. I do have some really nerdy information about food and calories plus gas consumption but will save that for another post.

The Balloon Pillow

I am now in an adventure race team preparing for the Adidas Terrex next august. Our team is called TotalXC and is sponsored by Montane. 2 other members of the team were also racing at the OMM and you can read our team blog at

TotalXC Racing Team


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