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Plum Guide Binding

Sorry it’s been a bit quiet on the blog for a few weeks, we have been very busy preparing the site for winter 2011. Half the stock is in now, mainly all the clothing brands, with hardware due in over the next 2 weeks. One new brand for us this winter is Plum. Plum make a beautiful ski touring binding based on the Dynafit system. The bindings are made to exacting standards using only the best materials. They cost more than Dynafit bindings but the quality and durability shines through. One great feature is that the bindings have a much greater range of adjustment than Dynafits enabling you to change your boots or sell your skis and bindings to someone with different sized feet to you. Plum Guide bindings have the same drill pattern as regular Dynafits so can be retro fitted to already drilled skis.

We will be getting the Guide binding in at the start of October which is a classic touring binding, Plum are working on a model with brakes which should hopefully be out before Christmas, but nothing is certain yet. The brakes will be retro fittable to existing Guide bindings so there is no reason to wait if you need to use them beforehand. The Plum pages should be on Facewest in the next couple of weeks.

Edit 28.09.11 – Page now finished – Plum Guide Ski Touring Binding.

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