Facewest Discount Codes & Reward Scheme

Trawling around our Google search data, I noticed that one of our most popular search terms is “Facewest Discount” or “Facewest Coupon”.

Well it’s nice to be searched for, but unfortunately we don’t offer any discount codes for use at our checkout. But it’s interesting looking at the 145,000 results for “Facewest Discount code”

Google search results are loaded with results for “Facewest discount codes” or “Facewest Coupon codes”, but they are all spam.

The good new is that we do offer a discount scheme, called our rewards scheme. This gives customers a 5% credit from every order, which can be used against future orders. So spend £ 100, get a £ 5 credit. This applies to customers who create an account at checkout (We need that so we can track multiple purchases for you)

We think that this makes our prices even more competitive. Plus you be be assured you are dealing with a professional company. We have an independent 99% satisfaction rate at Trustpilot, based on over 1000 real customer reviews of our service.

Thanks and happy shopping.

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