Evoskin Vs. VFF

Foot to foot test of the new inov-8 Evoskin against the VFF KSO.

Andrew from inov-8 comments

Were you running on trails with it? Only that the intended purpose for the Evoskin is to be used as a strength and conditioning tool in order to help build up foot power, using it for drills and short sessions. One school of thought to barefooting is that it should be done on a hard smooth surface not always easy to find a smooth surface, so the evoskin comes in here, giving protection but without losing the sensation experienced whilst barefooting. It is very much not a similar product to the VFF, which are far more rigid, provide adequate protection for trails and do not offer the same level of proprioception.

So I was trying to use the Evoskin outside the sphere for which is was intended. Personally my feet are just too sweaty for the Evoskin even on a flat smooth surface but Andy is right about the levels of proprioception though.

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