Paragliding season kicks off

Well the dry warm weather has been perfect for some great spring flying in the UK.

The North of England and Scotland has seen some amazing conditions recently, and some remarkable flights have been achieved.

I had a great 80km flight from Kettlewell in the Yorkshire  Dales, a 5 hour flight got me to the coast in Southport.

Jake’s Flight from the Yorkshire Dales. (Click to enlarge)

For those in Scotland conditions were even better. A  UK record was broken in the Scottish Highlands in the same week. Brendan Reid flew a 100km flight around a triangular course, so landed at the same place he took off from. This was a very committed route over some very remote areas. This flight took him to over 8000ft over some of the most amazing mountains. His flight took him over a good chunk of the Highlands, and right over Ben Nevis.

You can read Brendan’s Blog here, with full details of the record flight and some inspiring photos.

Photo . (Click to enlarge)

Brendan’s Track Logs. (Click to enlarge)

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