ME Liskamm Pant review

Having a tidy up of the site, we have moved this mini review from the product page onto the blog. 3 years old now but the Liskamm pant is still as good as it was, in fact I am still regularly using the same pair now as I was then.

ME Liskamm Pant

I wore the Mountain Equipment Liskamm Pant on my Oberland touring trip spring 2008 and will never tour in another pair of trousers as long as I can get the Liskamm. I found that they kept me warm when the cold wind was blowing on the ridges and at night but were never too hot on the climbs during the day. On the couple of bad weather days I did not feel the need to don my over trousers and the Liskamms seemed to shed the snow no problem. My only wish was that they came with braces rather than an integral belt but that’s just my preference. (Updated now to include brace attachment loops)

The only caveat I would add is that I am a warm person and do not easily feel the cold, if that’s not you then you would probably have the same experience with the G2 Ultimate Mountain Pant rather than the Liskamm. Schoeller fabrics are not cheap but I think that their performance justifies the price.


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