Black Diamond Spring Delivery

We’ve now received our new Black Diamond stock for the summer and there’s some exciting stuff in there. First up, we’ve decided to stock some of BD’s excellent rucksacks which combine low weight with great features. We’ve got a range for everyone from fast-and-light mountaineers to day walkers.

Black Diamond Speed 55 Pack

Next we have got hold of their excellent range of trekking poles including the innovative new folding Distance poles which offer incredibly low weight and pack size.

Black Diamond Distance Pole

Finally we’ve extended our core BD range, climbing equipment. We’ve added a load of new quickdraws including the fantastic value Freewire as well as the completely unique Gridlock belay karabiner. We’ve also updated the Chaos and Xenos harnesses and added two new rope bags, the stripped down Super Chute and the tough and versatile Demon Duffel. On top of that there’s new t-shirts, karabiners, belay devices and more so check it out!

Black Diamond Gridlock

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