Ortovox 3+ Transceiver Retest

Update 15.04.11 – The re test is complete and covered in the blog post ‘Ortovox 3+ Avalanche Transceiver Again

I have noticedthat some reviews of the Ortovox 3+ avalanche transceiver rate it quite highly and did not seem to find it as erratic as I did. Quite a few weeks ago I received another 3 + from Ortovox as there was some concern that the one I had was a very early one and might have actually been a pre production sample, although I was assured at the time that it wasn’t.


Ortovox 3+ Transceiver

I have been a bit busy and a bit slack and have not got around to re-testing the 3+, despite it being on the corner of my desk for quite a few weeks. Anyway I am off skiing in France next week, the snow is looking distinctly average, so I am sure I will get some time to re test the 3+ and re-shoot the video if necessary. Ortovox are also concerned that it might be the video camera disturbing the transceiver during the search. Whilst I know this is the case and I try to hold the camera further away and zoom in (which gives a shaky picture), it does sometimes interfere. However I also do tens of searches before I make the films so I know how the transceiver is working and which elements of it’s behaviour I want to record, and I can tell if the camera is affecting things and the transceiver is behaving out of character. Being in France for the re test will allow me to do the full thing in real life off piste conditions, away from the inevitable urban electromagnetic interference, this will allow the 3+ to perform to it’s absolute maximum.

Results in a couple of weeks.

Below is a short description of the Ortovox 3+ from Stuart MacDonald, equipment officer for the British Mountain Guides. Hard to get a more qualified opinion than this.

“The Ortovox 3+ is quite simply a great transceiver, regardless of your experience level. The lack of gimmicks means that Ortovox have created a unit that is simple to use, and highly effective whether searching for single or multiple avalanche victims. Every single detail has been well designed, from the comfortable harness, to the single battery, and the easy to use buttons. I would not hesitate to recommend this transceiver to anyone, whether novice or expert. This is destined to become very popular.”

Stuart Macdonald, IFMGA Mountain Guide, British Mountain Guides Equipment Officer

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