New BCA Tracker 2 Software

There is a new version 4 software for the Tracker 2. The new software addresses an issue over the T2 entering programming mode during use. So far the problem has only affected 15 of the thousands of T2’s sold since last year but BCA has issued new software to fix the issue. Please read BCA’s Blog Post on the subject.

If you bought your Tracker 2 in the UK then it is highly probable that you have Version 3 software. Facewest have requested the updater device from BCA which we will hopefully have within a few weeks. When we have it we will email every customer who has purchased a T2 from us and offer them a free software upgrade. Remember, if you buy a transceiver from facewest, you get free software updates for life. We already have updaters from Pieps, Mammut and Ortovox. If you bought your transceiver from somewhere else then we will still update your transceiver but will charge 10.

In the meantime you can still use the T2. Make sure you do your group check every morning and test that each transceiver is transmitting properly and consider doing another couple of group checks during the day to remove any doubt that your T2 has not entered programming mode. Remember this issue has only affected 15 transceivers worldwide so far and none have been reported in the UK so this preventative measure is quite adequate.

BCA is a very reputable company and I have complete faith that the issue is as small as they say and they will keep us advised of any developments. I will post information as soon as we have the updater device.

Update 04.02.11 Anatom now have the updating equipment. We should have new Version 4 Tracker 2’s available for sale sometime next week and will have the process for current owners to have their T2s upgraded finalised within a couple of weeks at which time we will email ro write to everyone who have purchased one from facewest and invite them to send it in for an upgrade.

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