Ski Tour up Mt Kirkup, Rossland, BC

Sunny weather and the Ski Lifts not opened yet. Time to go touring!

We skied the North side of Mount Kirkup in the Rossland Range in BC.

This is a peak that is accessible from the main road as it goes up towards Nancy Green  pass.

You park then start hiking straight into the forest.  A 700m vertical hike gets you to the top. Conditions were pretty poor in the bottom1/3rd with not enough coverage in the forest. Things mightily improved above this and we skinned up through a foot of compacted powder through some really nice forest glades. Big grins all round.

A couple of laps of the best North facing snow, then we bushwhacked back down to the car. A great day.

View From the top, looking down at Red mountain.

View from Mount Kirkup.

Kevin Putting in some sweet Tele Turns

Kevin, Mt Kirkup

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