My Favourite Baselayer

Base layers come and base layers go but my current favourite and it’s been top of the pops for about 8 months now is the Mammut Zip Long Sleeve All Year Baselayer. Its a bit of a mouthful but pretty much describes the whole product.

Mammut Zip Long Sleeve All Year Baselayer

The top is basically made up from 2 fabrics and some elbow patches. The front, shoulders & top of the arms (the dark grey bit)  is a wool/synthetic blend. 74% polyester and 24% wool which does a great job of keeping you dry plus the wool stops that cold chilling feeling you get with stop/start activites and pure synthetic garments. It also makes the top just a little warmer to wear than a pure synthetic top. The back, sides of the trunk and under the arms (light grey) is a pure synthetic 100% polyester fabric as moisture management is paramount in these areas. Finally around the elbows (black) are 100% polyester waffled areas that have a  lower bulk than the standard polyester fabric for increased freedom of movement. A reasonable length front zip and short rise collar do a good job of increasing ventilation and retaining heat to keep you comfortable.

All  base layers seem pretty similar and its hard to tell which ones are best from descriptions and pictures, it’s not till you have worn one a few times before you know whether you like it or not. The Mammut Zip All Season Long Sleeve has become my favourite base layer and although I have plenty of others that I like, if the Mammut is in the draw then it’s the one I will reach for.

All Year Top in action

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