Special Offer – Petzl Core Battery & Lights

In another couple of weeks we will receive our first stock of the new Petzl core rechargeable lithium battery and the Tikka 2 and Tikka 2 XP headlamps packaged with the battery. We are offering these with a 10% discount for orders placed before the stock arrives and you will be one of the first people to get your hands on them.

Tikka 2 XP Core

The Core Battery is the most cost effective and environmentally friendly battery option for the regular user. It can be retro fitted to any of the Tikka2/Zipka2 range of lights. The lithium battery can be recharged at least 300 times before there is any drop in performance (equivalent to 900 aaa batteries) and will keep going long after that. The Battery can be used with special software which allows you to have a regulated light output from your currently unregulated torch and you can specify the light duration needed and the power will be adjusted to achieve that.

If you need a new torch then you can buy the core battery packaged with either the Tikka 2 or Tikka 2 XP lamps. The Core Battery also makes a great Christmas present for someone to upgrade their existing Tikka2/Zipka2

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