Smartwool Training Glove – Tested

Smartwool Training Glove

Honestly, the best liner gloves I have had for ages.

I got some new liner gloves because my old ones did not have grippy palms and I was getting cramp in my hand holding onto laminated maps in wind and rain and was afraid of losing my map mid race. I picked the training gloves after testing the grip of all the liner gloves we had in stock. In terms of look and feel the training gloves are just like powerstretch liner gloves but the material is wool rather than synthetic.

I use them on their own and also as the liners in my Marmot Ultimate Guide Gloves as I prefer them to the windstopper liner gloves that they originally came with. So far I have used them on The Mnch last weekend in 60mph winds (inside my winter gloves) and for the first Open 5 of the season yesterday to bike and run in. I will need to use them a bit more in winter conditions to really be sure I prefer them to windstopper liners and to test the durability but so far I am really pleased with them..

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