New Ortovox 3+ Transceiver

I have updated the comprehensive Transceiver Review 2010 that I did last season to include the new Ortovox 3+. It’s the only new transceiver that we have added to our range for this 10/11 season. Below you will find the search demo videos that I made for it this week.

The short report is that it’s not bad, has good signal masking but one quirk in search mode which lets it down a bit. The 3+ costs less than the Tracker 2, Mammut Pulse or Pieps DSP but overall I didn’t think offered better value for money.

Edit 15.04.11 – I have retested the Ortovox 3+ and the results can be found in the blog post ‘Ortovox 3+ Avalache Transceiver Again
I have removed the videos of the searches that used to be here as they are no longer representative of the 3+. New ones will be available shortly.

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