Sedbergh Hills Shocker

Long Climb from CP4 to CP5

I ran Sedbergh Hills fell race on sunday in glorious conditions and had a totally shocker. I’m not really sure why my performance was so bad but half way around, even with what I thought was good pacing, I completely melted down. I had cramp in places I’d never had it before and felt like I hadn’t eaten for 12 hours. I resided myself to walking home, not even a strong march, more of a sunday walk and just about managed a downhill shuffle at the finish. Found this photo on the FRA forum which totally sums the situation up.

It’s now Tuesday lunchtime and I think I have the sorest legs that I have just about ever had. I know Sedbergh is a tough race even though it’s only 14 miles but this is ridiculous. Hoping for better things at the Mountain Trial!

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