Fell Running Kit Update

We have added a new information page about the FRA Safety Requirements for Equipment with some links to clothing that you may wish to consider.

I have a couple of things on test at the moment, namely Inov8 Roclite 295s† and OMM Trio Chest Pouch.

Inov8 Roclite 295

My very first impression of the Roclite 295 was how much roomier inside it is than the other inov8’s I have (Mudclaw 330 and Roclite 315). The heel felt pretty similar width wise but deeper, but the midsole width and toe box seemed much wider. I have some slim orthotics which rather than making my shoes tight, made the 295s a better fit. Without them† I would have considered the thicker insole. The Roclite 295 shares the same sole design as the Roclite 315 but it is made out of the sticky rather than the endurance rubber. You can feel the extra squidgyness of the sole studs and notice the extra grip on uneven rock when out running. After a quick hour’s test I used these shoes supporting a BG attempt for 7 hours and they felt really good. As a more ‘comfortable style’ they didn’t really need any breaking in at all, a marked difference to the mudclaw 330. These shoes seem very popular for long distance races, Bob Graham Rounds and Lakeland Classics as they offer good cushioning and good grip espicially when boulder hoping but weigh less than 300g. I used LaSportiva Crosslites on my BG round primarily for the extra protection the stiffer sole gave me combined with a proper studded sole, the Roclite 295s are not as stiff as the Crosslites but probably stiff enough plus they have the edge on grip and are 10% lighter (30g) so would also be a good choice. Will report more after the 3 Peaks Yacht Race when I have some more miles on them.

OMM Trio Chest Pouch

I have tried all sorts of packs and bumbags to organise myself on long runs. I find I eat more if my food is a bit more accessible than in my pack and when it’s warm and you don’t have as many pockets then route notes and maps aren’t consulted early enough if in your pack. I have used a bumbag with a small pack for things I wanted more often and this works pretty well but it’s not as good as my new OMM Trio chest pouch. Just about the right size for† a bit of food, compass, gps and liner gloves. The stuff stays in while the pouch is open and it’s very easy to get what you want. The pouch† retro fits any OMM sack with link buckles or comes with extra tabs to fit other sacks.† The clear panel is not that much use as a map case as you have to unclip the pouch, let it down and then move the soft cover to see the map. I† fixed the soft cover along the bottom with a safety pin, put my map in a bag and then slid the map between the soft cover and the window when not having it in my hand. pretty secure and instant access to the map.† I also sewed little pieces of tape onto the shoulder straps of my GoLite pack to hold the chest pouch in place. I downsized my pack to a little 8 Litre Slipstream and moved some contents to the front pouch. I don’t think there is any more bounce than with a bumbag or sack, just that it is more obvious being in front of you. The only thing I did notice was that I had a sweaty chest† under the pouch just like your back under a sack. This is a set up that is definitely going to get some more testing.

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