Paragliding frenzy for Jake

Last week I managed to get out paragliding. It turned out to be a epic few days.

A good patch of weather meant I could get out on Wednesday. 3 great days of Cross country flying followed.

Flight Map 1
Flight Map for Wednesday

On Wednesday I flew from Wether Fell in the dales to nr. Selby in York. This was a great flight and I almost made it to the 100km mark. (100 km is the benchmark for a “massive flight”) The flight lasted for 4hrs.

On Thursday things just got better and I had my camera with me.
I took off at 10.30am. Straight away the air was thermic and I soon climbed out to 4 thousand feet. I knew the weather was set to deteriorate so I went XC right away.

Greenhow Quarry

The next climb was a bit of a gamble, but I made it up again and spend the next 1hr slowly exiting the Dales. I got lowish at Patley Bridge then got a great climb from Greenhow quarry.

Looking down at harrogate

The next few hours saw me cross Harrogate, Wetherby, Tadcaster then South of York. Conditions were fantastic and I rarely got low. I had the pleasure of climbing up with sailplanes too.

Toward The Humber Bridge

I finally made the outskirts of Hull wher I got am amazing series of climbs over the city. Finally I eeked the day out long enough to make it down toward Spurn Head. The light at this point was amazing with great views up the Humber and out to sea.

I landed after 6hrs and 163km distance point to point. That is a personal best flight for me, and a new record distance for a paraglider flight from the Dales.

Flight Map for Thursday

On Saturday I also got a 49km flight in from Staggs Fell. This was great fun as I flew with a big gaggle of other pilots. Landed in Weardale.

Flight Map for Saturday

So 3 days and 310km in distance. Amazing. Those 3 flights took me to 11th in the 2010 UK XC league and 7th in the UK All time XC league.  Can’t wait until it gets really good in June!

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  1. Just discovered your blog Jake. Really nice to read …….. my … how you compressed 163k into so few words and pics.

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