Open Adventure 5 AR Series Final Results

Sadly the last round of the Open Adventure Open 5 adventure race series, held in North Wales, fell during my ski holiday and team Facewest could not take part. We were only holding onto 3rd place in the series (male pairs) by a slim 2 point margin so a good performance by the guys in fourth would have seen us out of it. Unfortunately for them there was a teutonic battle going on for first place in the male solo competition, which saw John Houlihan clear the whole course with no penalties. Something that has only happened once before in the entire Open Adventure history. Your score is a percentage of the highest score on the day, so it was John rather than us that cemented our 3rd place in the series. Thanks John.

This is the third season we have competed in this series, having been 6th and 5th previously, we are very pleased with this years performance.

The Open 5 Winter series is a great way to get a monthly hard training session in, plus improve your navigation skills and get to new places that you might not otherwise visit. Some of the events are pretty tough when you have to deal with single figure temperatures, snow, ice or persistent rain but it’s the same for everyone and thats what puts the ‘adventure’ into ‘adventure race’. See you next November….

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