GoLite Slipstream Review

I have been using the Golite Slipstream this winter in the Open 5 Adventure race series. At 280g and 8 Litres a pretty good size for both cycling and running. The Slipstream has a main zippered compartment with a bladder hanger then 1 large and 2 smaller stretchy pockets on the front and sides. The pack is designed so that food and clothing is held securely on the outside with easy access whilst your bladder and things you use less often go on the inside. This become apparent when you try to put things inside the zipped compartment. It’s a very tight fit, basically full 2 litre bladder shaped. If you want to put your jacket inside them you need to feed it in bit by bit and catch your hand on the zip in the process. However for water, bike spares and things you carry but probably won’t use then it’s ideal. This isn’t the problem it sounds because the 3 stretchy pockets are so good. I kept my jacket in the middle pocket, and food in either side and that’s about all I carry. I don’t have the best shoulder mobility but if you loosen off the arm straps I can access the 2 side pockets whilst on the move. I never lost anything out of the pockets even on rough bike sections.

Good adjustable sternum strap and a removable waist strap make this a low bounce pack.
Some reflective detail for better visibility at night but it’s not what you would call a reflective pack.
Tab on the back for a clip on light.

Despite being so light the Slipstream is showing no signs of wear after it’s first winter and has become my main mountain biking pack for this summer. It will also get a few outings in this summer’s longer fell races.

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