Open 5 update

Sorry this update is a week late but the short answer is for my race partner Tim & I nothing happened. We went into round 4 leading the male pair series and holding the yellow jersey bike numbers. However come race morning Tim was too sick to race. The result was that we slipped from 1st to 3rd, which to be fair would have happened anyway as the Powell brothers and the Inov8 pair are better than us. With one round to go which we again can’t do, we hold 3rd with a very slender 2 point lead over the pair in 4th who are the only team who can overtake us. It all comes down to if and how they do in the welsh round.

Last Sunday I has my first run out as a male solo. Tim always stops me from making at least one big error per event so I wondered how I would fare. I went for an ambitious bike leg only missing 1 control but was 15mins later out on the run than I had wanted. The run course had a couple of big hills but was fairly compact so I recovered some of my lost time. I dropped 4 run controls to finish with 550 out of 600. I was pleased with my performance and finished 5th overall in male solos. I did however overshoots 2 checkpoints and one junction.

Will post when the results of the last round are in.

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