Good Communication


I have been thinking and reading about customer communication lately, especially with regard to social networking. As an online store we do not have the ability to talk face to face with our customers so we use every other channel of communication open to us.

  • Telephone – 01943 870550 Normal BT number beginning 01 answered by knowlegable staff 9 to 5 Mon – fri
  • Email – answered within 24 hours usually much less, bearing in mind we don’t work weekends
  • trustpilot – independant customer service reviews by 3rd party. Tell us and everyone what you think
  • Blog – You are free to comment on our blog posts
  • Facebook – if you like facebook then talk to us there
  • Twitter – if you wish to comment or can be helped in 140 or less then it’s @facewest
  • Product Reviews – Earn 3 store credit by telling us what you think of something you got from us. Appears on the product page for others to read
  • Forums – We try to read and be active in forums relevant to the sports we service, notably UKClimbing, Snowheads and Sleepmonsters

We are proud of our customer service and believe we put more resources into it that most online reatilers. Because people are more likely to comment when they are unhappy rather than happy, it’s not something that gets mentioned too much, so


Whatever your chosen method of communication we would like to hear from you, good or bad, so we can be sure we are doing the right thing. We like to think we know a lot about kit but we would like to know more about you, our customers.

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