BCA Tracker 2 Page Finished.

Been running about in a cold muddy field for most of today testing transceivers. The good news is that the New BCA Tracker 2 is pretty good. I have written the page description and the 2010 Transceiver review should be finished tomorrow but the very brief version is that range is increased by 15%, 3rd antenna has eliminated the spike, new search button is great but the best bit is the super fast pinpoint search. This is easiest the quickest of them all and very difficult to overshoot at all. Criticisms would be that the left and right lights are are jumpy when you are 15 to 30m away, they seem to go from the sides to the centre without using the middle LED’s but they never go from one side to the other without stopping in the middle like some others I have tested. Also the webbing of the harness could have been a little wider. The Tracker 2 is very much like the Tracker 1 in fact, just better.

BCA Tracker 2

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