AMK Blister Medic Tested

Every cloud has a silver lining if you look hard enough. My new orthotics are helping my knees and ankles but have raised me up in my running shoes which led to me getting the worst blister I have had since I was a kid in the Scouts. The vague silver lining is that I got to test the AMK Blister Medic Kit that is a new product to us. As you can see from the photo I made a pretty good repair and eased the pain of wearing shoes considerably.

The kit contained everything I needed except some extra finger tape to put over the top of the whole thing to make the dressing more rub resistant and last longer. I thought that the gel blister pad was very comfortable but not as durable as the Hansaplast ones I have used previously, hence the extra tape. But the antiseptic wipes and alcohol wipe to get everything clean so the plasters would stick were great.

One of the best bits of the kit was the Moleskins. These are really sticky pads to put over potential blisters , known rub spots or half healed areas. Once my blister was half healed I just stuck a moleskin over it and nothing else. The moleskin stuck faithfully in place for 4 days which included 3 runs and a swim and by the time I removed it I was completely healed. You can only use Moleskins before or a while after a blister as it sticks directly onto the skin so not too good on top of a skin bubble.

As a one stop kit for blister prevention and treatment the AMK Blister Medic was pretty good, just add some finger tape.

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