VAT Change Jan 01 2010

As I am sure you are aware the VAT rate is changing from 15% to 17.5% on Jan 01. I shall spare you my rant on that but the upshot is that most prices on our website will stay the same even though the government take more of the money from us, except those things being sold for less than RRP which will go up by a little bit.

The reason for this post is that there is a small temporary benefit to you because I am decreasing the prices today even though the VAT rate will not change until Friday morning. It’s because I will be on holiday for a week so am doing it earlier rather than later. SO something that now costs 100 will change to 97.87 this afternoon and then Friday morning it will go back to 100. Clear as mud, just like the government’s reasoning behind the change in the first place.

So if you are pondering buying something, getting it on New Years Eve will save you a quid or two.

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